Jovio Brand Identity

About the project

In the early stages of Jovio, we were faced with a large task to attract home sellers to be the early adopters of a new Real Estate service. There was a significant need for us to form a strong brand identity to thrive in a competitive market with dozens of other companies with similar offerings.

So, we took the time to layout the building blocks for our brand that would serve as the vehicle to drive our messaging. We created an identity system that could give us an advantage keeping up with large volumes of work as well as providing our team with a guide to help uphold visual consistency through our marketing website, digital advertising, print collateral, and product services.

My Role

Senior Visual Designer


Art Direction

Establishing a visual language abstracted from the companies vision and purpose while guiding the production of assets to fit project criteria.

Visual Design

Producing visual content & finding creative solutions for website assets, print collateral, marketing & advertising, and presentation material


Large volumes of work

  • Meeting deadlines despite large bandwidths of work

  • Keeping up with company changes and startup growing pains

      • Most deliverables potentially blocked stakeholders on a weekly basis

      Management Responsibilities

      • Reviewing, critiquing, and managing design work of our Jr. Designer while upholding my own deadlines and expectations

          • Setting an example for standard of design work, teammate relationships, and project management

          • Advocating for Jr. Designer and encouraging their best work

          What We Wanted to Achieve

          As a new startup, Jovio's value proposition was always evolving to fit customer needs. Knowing this, we wanted to have a set of guidelines that would enable our team to have quick solutions and content to fall back on when we needed them.

          OUR GOALS

          Produce more content in less time
          Generate & convert more leads
          Facilitate better design collaboration

          Finding Our Brand's Voice

          If we were going to build a strong identity, we first needed to figure out what values defined us. To accomplish this, I gathered stakeholders and leadership together to do an affinity map exercise that would help bring clarity to what our values are.

          AFFINITY MAP

          This exercise encouraged stakeholders to list words and phrases they thought resembled Jovio. Then, participants narrowed the selection by voting on which suggestions were more fitting over others.

          Then, we distilled the top suggestions into the brand pillars that uphold Jovio's voice and tone.

          Visual Identity

          Once we defined our company values, I was able to show visual options for with mood boards and examples from other brands. After some quick feedback, I could apply choices for our Brand Identity.



          Gilroy fit our friendly yet professional persona, and it’s contrast between roundness, and sharp geometry was coherent with other decisions we were working out as branding elements. Gilroy worked great in large display scenarios and also complemented custom or hand-drawn type well.

          Gilroy was not very legible in body paragraphs, so we decided to pair it with Source Sans for its accessibility and legibility on the web.

          * Production work by Erika Marquez - Jr. Designer (Booklet, 1% Cash Back, Koozie)


          COLOR PALETE

          We liked Jovio green because of it’s unique and vibrant tone, but the color by itself is completely inaccessible when working with type and interaction instances like buttons. I introduced a palette with complimentary teal shades that would give us more options as we built the brand and make Jovio Green easier on the eyes.

          As we created more spec work, we found the combinations that would work for different scenarios, but this color palette served the basis for our color choices.

          * Production work by Erika Marquez - Jr. Designer

          Branding Element


          After figuring out the fundamentals of the brand, I began to think of ways type, photography, and illustration could fit together in a consistent and meaningful way. To achieve this, I started experimenting with shapes laid onto a grid. The continuation of negative space gave a feeling of motion while the shapes formed to maintain a sense of security. I felt that the treatment visually aligned with our values, and I also saw an excellent opportunity to bring other visual elements together inside the grid.

          This treatment became an instrumental piece of our brand and helped us achieve visual consistency.

          * Production work by Erika Marquez - Jr. Designer (Billboard, Bus Stop, Business Cards, Banner Ads)


          My Takeaways

          To see Jovio's visual identity have such a significant impact on the companies growth was a gratifying experience. Identity systems allow designers to have a more automated approach to handling tasks, and we were able to prove that we could solve problems by getting ahead of them with a clear set of guidelines to follow. The most rewarding aspect was seeing the work I did in the guidelines, but through the production of other designers referencing the brand.

          There was also a lot to learn from managing work outside of my own for the first time, and I learned the importance of team building and the power of having voices that support your own opinions.

          Team Goals

          Produce more content with less production time


          • With an identity system in place, we were able to front load problem solving by finding creative solutions for dozens of instances across multiple mediums.

          • We were able to leverage evergreen content often to save time and energy creating new design work.

          Generate & convert more leads


          • User feedback showed our audience became more familiar with Jovio's brand identity.

          • Our team was able to establish new methods of A/B testing for messaging while still retaining consistent visual identity.

          Facilitate better design collaboration


          • Onboarding and collaborating with new designers was much smoother with a set of guidelines.

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