Forcepoint at Blackhat

About the project

Forcepoint offers cyber security products that focus the leading cause of information breaches known as Insider Threat. Blackhat is an annual conference that leads the global discussion around cyber security, and our team was tasked with the job of debuting Forcepoint's product suite at the conference and promoting Forcepoint as industry thought leaders.

My Role

Multimedia Designer


Motion Graphics

Creating video content for booth activation and promotional event spots

Visual Design

Creating visual language for consistent branding across print collateral, video, and booth design

Video Production Process


To kickoff to the project, I gathered stakeholders together to see a few moodboard. I showed inspiration I thought was fitting, and also put our messaging on top of other creative so everyone could get a good idea of what I was trying to accomplish with the final video.

Speed Branding

Forcepoint’s brand guidelines were dated, and they wanted a different look for the Blackhat debut. So, the decisions I made with styling were not only for the video but also for the entire showcase. I made just a few quick choices based on inspiration and so I could move into production for the video.




Storyboard & Screen Design

The storyboards are where I figured out the work I was cutting out for myself. I knew I wanted 3D imagery to match the look we wanted, but I had to be careful working inside a very tight timeline. 3D scenes require more production time so this is where I could quickly see the balance of 2D and 3D content in a timeline.

Animation Techniques

In a 3D environment, the wireframe look is achieved with cel-shading and matched with line work illustration for 2D scenes. The detail of the 3D composition below is created with samples of textures created in Illustrator that are then extruded into the scene in Cinema 4D.

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